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Georgia Divorce Lawyer

Our courts recognize marriage as a legal relationship between two people. Many legal issues can arise when a marriage is dissolved. Some of these are payment of alimony, division of property, child custody, and visitation. You should have a divorce lawyer who is knowledgeable of the law and sensitive to the concerns of both adults and children. You need legal representation that will help you reach fair agreements efficiently.


Douglas, Georgia Child Custody Attorney

The Law Offices of Patrick S. Ferris, LLC selectively accepts contested and uncontested divorce cases. In all divorce cases, in-person consultation is required to determine whether the firm will accept the case. In uncontested cases, both parties are required to attend the consultation.


Coffee County, Georgia Family Lawyer

Patrick S. Ferris, LLC also represents individuals in matters that may arise well after a divorce has been granted. These matters include contempt proceedings and those concerning modification of custody, visitation, and child support. As in divorce cases, these cases are selectively accepted by the firm after an in-person consultation.

Patrick S. Ferris, LLC does not offer free consultations for matters concerning domestic relations and does not accept these cases on a "flat-fee" basis.