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Patrick S. Ferris, LLC is your best DUI lawyer option in the Douglas, GA, Coffee County, and beyond. Patrick S. Ferris, LLC is a highly experienced Georgia DUI law firm operating out of Douglas, GA in Coffee County. Call today to arrange your in-person DUI defense lawyer consultation and get your DUI defense started with an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer.

Mr. Ferris has taken dozens of Georgia DUI cases to trial in counties throughout Georgia. He is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers Group (DODD). DODD is an exclusive network of lawyers.

DUI Defense Lawyer

Patrick S. Ferris is a DUI defense lawyer experienced in all facets of Georgia DUI law. As an experienced Georgia DUI defense lawyer, Patrick Ferris has experience with

Because there are so many legal issues that arise in a DUI case, Patrick Ferris carefully evaluates each case rather than taking a "cookie-cutter" approach to DUI defense. By thoroughly investigating each DUI case, Patrick Ferris will find a basis to attack the allegations that led to the DUI charge.

Georgia DUI Lawyer

Many individuals that are burdened with a DUI charge bypass hiring a lawyer due to their wanting to avoid any up-front cost. This position is understandable. The fee may appear intimidating at first (DUI defense is often regarded as the most complex area of criminal law). What is unfortunate is that this opinion is much more prevalent among people charged with their first lifetime DUI.

The impression that many first-time DUI defendants seem to have is that it is unreasonable to pay several thousand dollars for an attorney when the maximum fine in Georgia for a first DUI is $1,000.00. However, that $1,000.00 fine is only the beginning of the costs that a DUI conviction can cause. Most people are surprised to learn that, on top of this fine, the following costs are incurred:

  • DUI surcharges that total several hundred dollars
  • 12 months of probated jail time costing $450 just for supervision
  • Life insurance premiums substantially increasing
  • Potential for life insurance policy cancellation
  • Potential termination of employment and reduced viability for new employment

There are many, many other major expenses and difficulties that result from avoiding the expense of contesting your DUI charge. Research by one of our colleagues concludes that a single conviction can cost a person up to $20,000.00 when all of the effects of a DUI conviction are considered.

A large number of our clients are people who chose not to hire an attorney on their first DUI charge and simply pled guilty to their DUI charge. Because they have learned how much a DUI conviction actually costs, they are happy to hire us on their subsequent cases.

A competent DUI lawyer can help you avoid a DUI conviction. At a minimum, such a lawyer will almost certainly save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Patrick Ferris has had tremendous success in cases that involve challenging forensic evidence. Patrick Ferris has used expert witnesses from across the country in many cases to explain problems with questionable forensic evidence. Patrick Ferris has obtained acquittals and mid-trial dismissals of DUI charges in a number of cases involving allegations of high blood-alcohol concentrations based on unreliable forensic evidence.

Douglas, GA DUI Lawyer

If you are charged with DUI or DWI, it is imperative that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Developing your DUI defense takes careful and proactive investigation of evidence brought against you in order to identify your most viable DUI defense opportunities. In a Georgia DUI case, you have only 10 days to request an appeal of your driver's license suspension, so legal preparations must be made if you hope to avoid losing your driving privileges via the DUI charge. This appellate hearing allows Patrick Ferris to review evidence law enforcement may have, including breath tests, blood tests, blood alcohol content (BAC), and the manner in which a sobriety checkpoint was administered.

Georgia DUI Less Safe Law

If you refused to take a breath test or even if you took the test and blew under the legal limit, you can still be charged with a DUI. According to Georgia DUI law, you may be arrested and charged with a DUI to such an extent that it is "less safe" for you to drive. It is possible for you to be charged even if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was under the legal limit. Many drivers in Douglas, GA and Coffee County are unaware of this law and that this type of DUI offense does not require a breath or blood test in order for an arrest to be made.

If you have been arrested under Georgia's "less safe" law, your best opportunity to successfully defend the charge against you is to contact proven Georgia DUI defense lawyer, Patrick Ferris. With extensive experience in helping South Georgia residents overcome DUI prosecutions, Patrick Ferris has the knowledge to aggressively go after charges based on Georgia's less safe DUI regulations.

When making a less safe DUI case, Coffee County and Douglas, GA law enforcement is trained to observe and record everything you do that could be seen as a sign of impairment. The law enforcement officer is taking note of your driving, movements as you exit from your vehicle, speech patterns, and overall appearance will all be analyzed by the officer trying to build a Georgia DUI case against you. These deputies are trained to give field sobriety tests. These tests, however, are subjective and there are many ways the reliability and accuracy of these tests can be undermined.

If your DUI paperwork indicates a "less safe" or 391(a) (1) charge, Patrick Ferris is experienced in defending these cases as well as using expert witnesses to analyze and testify on the validity of your arrest. Less safe charges are penalized with jail time, community service, fines, driver's license suspension, and possible drug or alcohol evaluation and treatment. It is vital that your case is correctly resolved.

Georgia DUI Refusal DUI

If you have been charged with Georgia DUI, the police officer who arrested you probably asked you to submit to chemical testing of your blood, breath, urine, or other bodily substances. If you refused this testing, you should contact Patrick Ferris at your earliest opportunity. Refusal to submit to testing may result in certain administrative consequences such as driver's license suspension if you do not act quickly. You may have ten days or less to act. Your refusal to submit to testing might also be used against you in your Georgia DUI case if you do not promptly assert certain rights. Patrick Ferris has extensive experience with the defense of "refusal" cases, and knows how to take the most appropriate action to avoid or minimize the license consequences of your DUI arrest.

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