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Georgia Gun Lawyer

A National Firearms Act (NFA) Gun Trust can help you circumvent many obstacles to obtaining NFA Class 3 / Title II Weapons. A properly drafted NFA trust is powerful legal instrument, if correctly constructed. It is essentially an estate planning tool which can be utilized to manage NFA Class 3 weapons, suppressors, and destructive devices. This gun trust instrument can be changed or modified at any time before the holder's expiration. This firearm trust provides flexibility as beneficiaries, trustees, and property can be added and removed. In order for the firearms trust to remain valid, all modifications need to be made properly and hiring an effective Georgia gun trust lawyer is advisable. Click here for a detail on the benefits of a gun trust. Patrick Ferris is a Georgia gun trust lawyer who can help you properly acquire ownership of NFA Class III firearms. Call today at (912) 384-1099.

The NFA trust is customized to ensure compliance with the NFA which regulates weapons that are referred to as Title II (or class III) firearms. Title II (or Class III) weapons are machine guns, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, destructive devices, and AOWs (Any Other Weapons). The following resources offer more detailed information on NFA gun trusts and related topics:

Georgia Gun Attorney

A NFA gun trust may own many NFA Class III firearms and it is unnecessary to have multiple NFA trusts. Once a NFA gun trust is properly developed, items can be transferred to the NFA class 3 trust via Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) Form 4. In addition, non-NFA items can be transferred in and out of the gun trust via bill of sale. Non-NFA items can include valuable items such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. but can also include non-weapon items such as collectibles, paintings, etc. It is extremely important for adequate documentation to be maintained during the life of the NFA gun trust.

NFA Class 3 weapons may be transferred to corporations or other legal entities such as trusts. When this transfer occurs, certain legal mechanisms can be bypassed. Fingerprints and photographs are not required nor is a signature from a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO). Such maneuvers can be utilized in the event that you cannot fully complete the BATF Form 4 or other requirements. There are disadvantages to transferring the trust to a corporation. However, it is an option to be considered with your Georgia gun attorney. Call Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099 and set up your appointment with an effective Georgia gun attorney.

Georgia Gun Lawyer

Patrick Ferris of Douglas, GA in Coffee County, GA can help you properly and legally own your NFA Class III weapons. If you enjoy safely and legally operating machine guns, using suppressors or silencers, or other NFA Class III weapons, then call Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099. Do not let the government deny you of your legal rights. The NFA gun trust is a legal instrument which will help you bypass hassles, limitations, and denials imposed by the federal government in your path to owning NFA Class 3 weapons. Call Patrick Ferris, your Georgia Gun Lawyer, at (912) 384-1099. Each gun trust customer will receive a customized NFA gun trust in compliance with Georgia and federal laws.