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DUI License Suspension

Administrative License Suspension

If you refuse a breath, blood, or urine test after you are charged with a Georgia DUI, you will likely receive a notice of an administrative license suspension. An administrative license suspension is a precautionary license suspension that goes into effect 31 days following your DUI arrest. Your license will be suspended for one (1) year. If you received a notice of an administrative license suspension or a DS-1205 form, call Patrick Ferris today. You have ten (10) business days to request an administrative hearing and have a chance at avoiding the license suspension.

Suspended Driver's License

If a driver submits to a chemical test and the results are at or above the legal limit (.080 or higher for someone age 21 and over not operating a commercial vehicle), the officer will initiate an administrative license suspension by issuing a form DS-1205. Call Douglas DUI lawyer Patrick Ferris at (912) 384-1099 immediately if you have received a notice of administrative license suspension in Georgia related to a DUI arrest. A suspended driver's license can make your daily life very difficult.

Douglas DUI Lawyer

Georgia's Implied Consent Law states that any licensed driver agrees to submit chemical evidence upon the request of a law enforcement officer with probable cause. If the driver refuses to submit to this chemical test, the officer is authorized to take the driver's license. The Georgia Department of Driver Services will then initiate an administrative license suspension in which it attempts to suspend your license for refusal. Call Douglas, GA DUI lawyer Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099.