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DUI Manslaughter

Vehicular Manslaughter DUI

If an accident with a fatality occurs due to drunk driving, the offending motorist could be facing major penalties if convicted. These penalties include steep fines, license suspension, extensive prison time, community service, and payment of restitution to the victim's family. These penalties are in addition to the Georgia DUI penalties. If you are potentially facing charges due to vehicular manslaughter DUI, call Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099.

Vehicular Homicide in Coffee County, Georgia

Vehicular homicide, or "homicide by vehicle" in Georgia, is the charge that is proposed when a motorist kills another person while driving in violation of one or more traffic laws. No malice or intent needs to be proven in order for the vehicular homicide conviction to stand. The penalties for homicide by vehicle vary greatly and depend on many factors. If it is vehicular manslaughter and DUI, then the vehicular homicide charges will be in addition to the DUI charges. In Georgia the homicide by vehicle statute provides for very different penalties.

DUI Vehicular Manslaughter Douglas, GA Lawyer

First degree vehicular manslaughter in Coffee County, Georgia may be charged when a motorist drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, flees or attempts to elude a law enforcement officer, overtakes a school bus in an illegal manner, causes an accident and then flees the scene, drives a vehicle recklessly, is a habitual violator with a suspended license, etc. Penalties for vehicular homicide are severe and include up to fifteen years in prison. These penalties are compounded if you are a habitual violator or charged with a felony offense. Second degree vehicular homicide is a misdemeanor but also carries serious consequences.

If you are facing DUI charges and potentially vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide, homicide by vehicle, or other related charges, call Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099. Patrick Ferris is your best option at managing the legal processes in Coffee County, GA.