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DUI as a Minor

DUI Under 21

Georgia law holds motorists under the age of 21 to a higher standard. It only takes a blood alcohol content of 0.02 grams to get a DUI under 21. Even if you are not physically impaired, you can get an underage DUI due to such strict Georgia laws. Call Coffee County attorney Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099 for your best chance at beating the DUI under 21 charges.

Just because you are a minor does not mean you cannot be charged with a standard DUI. An underage DUI can turn into a standard DUI if the officer is convinced that the individual was driving or in physical control of the vehicle while less safe or if the person's breath or blood alcohol level was .08 or greater. The prosecutor will determine if charges are filed as an underage DUI, standard DUI, or both underage and standard DUI. If the blood alcohol level is 0.08 grams or higher then you will likely be charged with DUI less safe, DUI 0.02 or higher, and DUI 0.08 or higher.

Underage DUI in Georgia

If you are convicted of an underage DUI in Georgia, and your blood alcohol content was under 0.08, the penalty may only be twenty hours of community service. If in this case of an underage DUI conviction with blood alcohol content under 0.08, the defendant pleads guilty to DUI under 21 will face a six-month driver's license suspension. If the blood alcohol content was over 0.08 and the driver is convicted of underage DUI, then their driver's license could be suspended for a year. However, if the defendant is arrested for DUI prior to age 21, they may get a limited permit and reinstate their driver's license after 120 days if the plea is entered on or after the 21st birthday. Note that there is no option for restricted driver's license issuance for work or school in underage DUI cases. You need an experienced Coffee County attorney to help you navigate the Georgia legal processes. Call Patrick Ferris today at (912) 384-1099 for your best chance at beating the DUI under 21 charges.