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Personal Injury Law

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Offices of Patrick S. Ferris selectively accepts personal injury cases. The firm represents individuals involved in disputes alleging a wrong or damage to one's person, rights, reputation, or property. This includes select cases requiring a personal injury lawyer, accident injury lawyer or attorney, car or auto accident lawyer, slip and fall lawyer, or other related attorney services.


Coffee County, Georgia Accident Injury Attorney

Your personal injury case may involve injuries sustained on the job, as a result of a traffic collision, because of another person's carelessness, or even from someone's malicious acts. If you have been injured, contact Patrick S. Ferris, LLC quickly for prompt attention to your personal injury case.


Douglas, Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Call Patrick S. Ferris, LLC today at (912) 384-1099 for your best personal injury attorney option. If you have a need for a lawyer because of an injury to yourself or a loved one, call Patrick S. Ferris, LLC today for experienced personal injury attorney and accident attorney services.


For Macon Personal Injury cases, Patrick Ferris's preferred referral is Ben Sessions:
The Sessions Law Firm, LLC
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