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Why Hire A DUI Defense Lawyer?

Why Hire A DUI Defense Lawyer?

Many individuals that are burdened with a DUI charge bypass hiring a lawyer due to their wanting to avoid any up-front cost. This position is understandable. The fee may appear intimidating at first (DUI defense is often regarded as the most complex area of criminal law). What is unfortunate is that this opinion is much more prevalent among people charged with their first lifetime DUI.

The impression that many first-time DUI defendants seem to have is that it is unreasonable to pay several thousand dollars for an attorney when the maximum fine in Georgia for a first DUI is $1,000.00. However, that $1,000.00 fine is only the beginning of the costs that a DUI conviction can cause. Most people are surprised to learn that, on top of this fine, the following costs are incurred:

  • DUI surcharges that total several hundred dollars
  • 12 months of probated jail time costing $450 just for supervision
  • Life insurance premiums substantially increasing
  • Potential for life insurance policy cancellation
  • Potential termination of employment and reduced viability for new employment

There are many, many other major expenses and difficulties that result from avoiding the expense of contesting your DUI charge. Research by one of our colleagues concludes that a single conviction can cost a person up to $20,000.00 when all of the effects of a DUI conviction are considered.

A large number of our clients are people who chose not to hire an attorney on their first DUI charge and simply pled guilty to their DUI charge. Because they have learned how much a DUI conviction actually costs, they are happy to hire us on their subsequent cases.

A competent DUI lawyer can help you avoid a DUI conviction. At a minimum, such a lawyer will almost certainly save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.